Successful Receivables Management & Collections Strategies

About the Workshop

Your company’s ability to implement successful receivables strategies and manage collections can increase working capital, reduce finance costs and support business growth. Staff awareness and adherence to company credit policy and knowing how to evaluate a customer for credit are crucial elements for improving credit and collections productivity and, in the long run, can even make the difference between business success and failure. However, it is always that delicate balance companies must strike between enforcing rules to getting paid and maintaining good trading relationship with valued customers.

At this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to hear from a speaker with considerable practical experience and standing in the field. The session is not text book fashioned, but “street smarts” and will include cultural and attitudinal factors that impact payments from debtors large and small.
Lively practical case studies will be used to demonstrate to participants techniques to handle difficult situations and to carry out collections in an effective and professional manner.

Topics to be covered at the workshop

  • Working capital and cash flow management
  • Collection procedures, credit evaluation, approval and monitoring
  • Billing practices and Effective debt collection techniques
  • Telephone and in-person communication tips and best practices
  • Negotiation techniques and scope of authority
  • The relevance and impact of collection letters and other last resorts collection tactics
  • Remedial account management
  • Sales and the collection process>

Benefits to Participants. They will be able to:

  • Conduct assertive conversations with customers experiencing payment problems
  • Make a strong initial impact; persuade customers to engage in meaningful conversation
  • Manage their own emotions when coping with difficult situations
  • Project self with more power and dominance
  • Negotiate the most appropriate outcome for both parties
  • Close conversations tightly and with focus and purpose
  • Adapt their communication style to become more influential and persuasive with others
  • Have a MASSIVE INCREASE in their monthly collections

About the Programme

Date and Time: TBD
8:30am – 4:00pm
Venue: TBA
Investment: JMD$17,000 pp*
Who should attend: Collection agents, receivables managers, sales managers, account managers, sales executives, account executives, and anyone who is issuing credit, monitoring or managing account receivables collections.


8:00am : Registration
8:15 am: Opening Remarks
8:30am: Presentation and Group discussions
4:25pm: Closing Remarks

*group discount available

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