When the Sizzle Goes Out and You Lose The Fire

Many of us have had the experience – a dynamic speaker, a famous personality, and accomplished individual…

You attend their presentation or workshop and you are charmed. They woo you, they mesmerize you, but what happens when the sizzle dies?

Maybe 10 – 20% percent of us are wired for success in the subject in any random forum and we just want an avenue for outlet. The other 80 – 90% need to be reminded, need to be guided, need our hands to be held. In most classes, forums or presentations, many people just don’t get it. You can feel it in the atmosphere sometimes, and sometimes, fortunately, the tension is relieved by someone asking a question, stating they don’t understand or maybe even walking out.

These folks are not stupid. They have their own strengths and just need special attention. This is where, in the life of a small business, whether starting the business or growing it, The Small Business Survival Guide comes in really handy. Because many times you will be in situations when you just don’t get past the sizzle and it is the ability to take the necessary time to go through this valuable small business resource, packed with help and advice that you get the help that steers towards success.

With so much emotions attached to the plight of the small business entrepreneur, I would not, for example, have named the book, Small Business for Dummies. Because the survival of the small entrepreneur is serious business. So the quest to create awareness and viable empowering options is what drives the book and the intent. Creating awareness is important because awareness opens the door to suitable small business tools, appropriate strategies and relevant information to survive and grow the business. Hence the insights provided by The Small Business Survival Guide are invaluable,. They suit the persons who are quick to grasp and those less so, who need a little more time but can be encouraged to stick to the task or to take the plunge.

It is not so much about introducing something new but a new way of thinking. Because, apart from technology, there is not much that is likely to be truly new. It is about demystifying the old and making it easy for persons to ease into entrepreneurship with greater confidence.

So, after the sizzle has died, which is usually b the next few days, turn to The Small Business Survival Guide or any similar reference to guide at an easier pace.

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Alrick Robinson is the Best-Selling Author of The Small Business Survival Guide: Insights into the First Two Years & Business Coach. I invite you to download a FREE Report "7 Signs You Should Explore Running Your Own Business" Plus a Surprise Bonus! at this link - http://eepurl.com/bVHO1. You may also visit my blog at http://smallbusinessmentorja.com/blog where I share small business resources and survival tips weekly.

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