What Kind of Business Coach am I?

I am a strategic business coach. Probably there are many interpretations or definitions of this but by it I mean that I make opportunity and reality come together. Moreover, I concentrate on the first two years. There are many of us in the coaching business or the consultancy business or we call ourselves by whatever name is making the rounds at the time.

Why the first two years? The reports say that it is within this period that over 60% of businesses fails. And, indeed, the statistic also state that ironically, majority of the operators were not seeking help. In addition, the reasons for the majority of failures are “people” problems.

This is a mouthful but we have to understand the problems before we approach the solution. Many people are assisting business and in my opinion, I am convinced that it is not easy for someone who has not involved in business to coach someone who is. In fact, you will note that high profiled professors of business might not be able to run one. And furthermore, many bright MBA graduates are not able to run their own businesses.

The key is that these people may have general knowledge but do not have the level of awareness that impact business success. In the celebrated (and very egocentric and male-focused) book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill mentions some things that affect executive performance at the highest levels and among them, he claims, is the importance of sexual energy. He postulates that a man with a strong sexual drive and who gets outlet in a committed monogamous relationship is likely to be driven to success. He does not say what happens in the case of a woman…

I make reference to this because I want to highlight the different perspectives from which success is claimed. Many persons who are giving business advice jump into the matter by deciding you need to do this or that to increase sales. Or, they tell you how you can get into the success zone by being saved by social media marketing; or this or that, all without any reference to what is really going on in other areas of the persons’ lives and the business realities.

Taking a strategic approach I assess the current situations: the internal and external circumstances and other factors impacting the business’ prospects then make moves that are congruent with those. Telling a client that they need to sell more is not, in of itself, necessarily useful. In some cases a client might be well advised to stop selling some of what he or she is trying to sell! And what happens when the client has a problem with sales, not because they cannot sell, but because they have no working capital to buy products or raw materials?

Hence the mantra of sell more, sell more….is not the thing but an understanding of general business issues with the special awareness that is superior to the linear thinking that does not incorporate the many angles that have to be considered simultaneously for balanced business decisions. I am surprised at how people do not get this point but I guess it comes down to our different areas of strengths.

In strategic thinking, decisions are made from “what is”. Not from what we like them to be, or how much we might want to apply “one rule fits all” thinking because of laziness. The people who advertise telling you how to get more into your funnel should consider this. Funnel thinking might lead to tunnel thinking.

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