Welcome to the smallbusinessmentor Blog, affiliated to The Small Business Survival Guide – Insights into the First Two Years. This book focuses on the critical two first years, the period when persons give up and when the highest failure rates occur.

It is a special book…the blog will be different and it will be special. Why? Because, in order to arrive at a suitable solution you must first understand the problem! I understand the problem.

I can’t tell you how many persons are out there giving business advise but have never owned or run a small business. And yes, it is very different to run a small business than to run a big one. I focus on the first two years. They are the time when attitude is more important than tangible resources, especially financial. You can start out with a big loan or a fat bank account and your money quickly gets swallowed up by a poor set of attitudes, decisions or affiliates.

The Small Business Survival Guide mentions and discusses over 40 topics that can make or break you. The awareness is powerful and just imagine, for the price of a modest lunch you can have it all explained before you take the plunge…or while you are trying to figure out the first two years.

The key to success in anything is awareness. Many individuals, groups, firms and countries have made massive improvements just by becoming aware. With awareness comes understanding and with that comes empowerment.

Let me digress a bit. Let us look at AIDS. Why AIDS?
The latest news is that the rate of HIV infections is falling in most places and even in some vulnerable African states. This is so because after many years of rapid growth and much concern, we have become much more aware of how HIV is spread, the factors that assist or reduce infection rates and what each person can do to protect him or herself. After seeing AIDS in near diabolic terms, mankind now understands that using a condom during sex, being cautious in drug use, and even rituals like circumcision drastically reduce infection rates. We have become aware!

So it is in business. Starting a business and running it successfully does not depend on your academic qualifications. It does not depend on your years or experience in general business. It does not depend on your background or contacts. But these things can impact your level of awareness. Hence, wherever the awareness comes from, you should seek it. Truly, the only thing that can make you succeed is awareness and with those insights come the right behavior and decisions that will make you succeed.

Check out the book: The Small Business Survival Guide: Insights into the First Two Years

More than 60% of businesses fail within the first two years. Do what you can to avoid this dismal statistic. Join me in the mission.

Next time we will have a look at the all time classic, Think and Grow Rich that is widely recommended to small business owners. This is one of the best-selling self-help books of all time. It is a waste of time – almost!

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