The Book “Think and Grow Rich” is a Waste of Time – Almost!

Think and Grow Rich is a best-seller – a huge one! But it is of limited practical significance as can be seen from the millions who have read it and have not moved from where they are. Is it of practical use to the small business person even though it has been recommended to them so many times?
I don’t know of any small business person who has mastered a small business because of it. But it is extremely motivating in a general way and leaves a lasting impression. Like many movies that can build intrigue, the ending leaves you thinking that there should be some “magic” or something that takes you further in a tangible way. Think and Grow Rich is like that.

The book highlights a list of some American giants of industry. Supposedly, these men have demonstrated that they have achieved great heights by following the principles mentioned in the book. The inference might be false or misleading. This, even though some current successful people have attributed their successes to the book. It is said that about 2% of people do not require people to inspire them; they just get up and take serious action. Could it be that the relatively few successful people would have made it in spite of the book? And does that gel with a feel from many readers that it was, as far as they could have applied its principles, a waste of time in terms of their ability to create wealth? The estimated 2% of people are termed “leaders”. And they are special.

So, what about the rest of people who have to make a living and to fulfill dreams they have? They are not able to navigate through the nebulous world of “imagination”, “desire”, “organized planning”, “decision” and such topics espoused by Think and Grow Rich. They want simple, day to day, “in the moment” information that apply to their day to day realities. It is from this angle that Think and Grow Rich is a waste of time – almost!

This is where The Small Business Survival Guide is useful. In fact it is essential because it has a more practical function. It comes with the nice attitudinal angles but is filled with practical, intelligent and timely advice for the small business person who is just starting out and need to make sense of usually unfamiliar terrain. Even seasoned business people can benefit because many people struggle to avert failure even after years in business.

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So, a simple comparison is that Think and Grow Rich does not tell you what to do but The Small Business Survival Guide does. It really has to get to this level for many people because they need motivation and they need specifics. The insights into the first two years tell the entrepreneur what’s the score. The reference guide, The Small Business Survival Guide, for the price of a modest lunch, makes life so easy!

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