Alrick helped improve our costing and price structure

“How has Alrick helped me? He has improved our costing and price structure and given us the opportunity to increase revenue and improve the overall position of our company. Nothing hurts a business more than having the incorrect pricing structure in place.”
Clair-Angelli Cardoza
M M & MC Limited

Alrick provides valuable information and resources in his book: The Small Business Survival Guide

I have enjoyed reading your book and will add it as one of the required readings for the coaching program. It is well written and very practical and every small business owner should have a copy.
I will also highly recommend to my Caribbean coaching colleagues for use by their clients.
Thank you for attending my seminar and for this wonderful gift.

Best regards
Marcia Woon Choy
Your ActionCOACH Business Coach

Alrick, I have read your book and have to agree with the reviews. The lessons are very accessible and delivered in the language of a trusted friend sitting at the kitchen table. The chapter summaries were a very useful idea. I have showed it around to our Toronto organization and in time will have it (along with your contact coordinates) on our web site.

Help. Hope. Care.
Hurbert Jackson Kumaasi
Senior Vice president, Enterprise Applications, Scotiabank

We have taken some time to appreciate the contribution that small and micro businesses can make to the social and economic well being of a country. Small businesses are the largest employer of labour and it is therefore important that support structures are in place to encourage entrepreneurship. The recent publication by Alrick Robinson, The Small Business Survival Guide, is very timely. This is not a manual but the experiences of a hands-on entrepreneur. Robinson describes in an easy to read fashion the blue print for survival in the world of business. It is a must read for all those who are thinking of making that change to be the “masters of your own destiny”. It will prove useful not only to the new entrant but those who are already trying to survive the reality of being self employed.

Howard Hamilton
Retired General Manager – Shell Jamaica

It was truly a pleasure talking with you earlier today. I had to find a way to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book; hence the great effort to contact you.
I felt I was in a class room and the class was so good I did not want it to end because that class was going to make me an “A” student.
I have been in business for the past nine years . I have read numerous business books along the journey since I am not a professionally trained entrepreneur.
I must tell you….This one is exceptionally good.
Thanks for the renewed hope, enthusiasm to continue and for the many lessons you’ve taught me through this book.
I hope one day to meet with you.

Donnette Anglin

Thanks so much for your response. I am a firm believer in what I call the “bubble up” economy as against trickle down. My belief is that there is a fortune at the base of the pyramid and I congratulate Alrick on putting this book together which can help to improve the life of those in small business.

Frederick C. Hamaty (C.D. Q.C.)
M.N. Hamaty & Co Attys-at Law

Your book arrived from Barnes and Noble a couple of days ago and I have started reading it. What I have read is excellent and so down to earth. Tell me what other faculty you had in MM-I and I will send them a note about it and where they can buy it, too.

Ethel R Vesper, PhD (Ethel)
Graduate Business and Management, Lead Faculty, Area Chair, Business Enterprise/Cultural Issues Forum
University of Phoenix Faculty The School of Business

Review by Sabrina Gordon, Reporter, The Sunday Gleaner

Alrick Robinson may not have broken new ground or provided in-depth analysis of how to run a business, but he certainly reinforces many of the things one should know in starting and surviving the first two years in operation. And he does so with much clarity and in simple language in his new book called The Small Business Survival Guide.

So what we have in the 149-page book, sectioned into five parts, is Robinson delving into the salient issues of proper planning, how to position the business within the market, how to serve and, more important, understand that market.

“The entrepreneur must be diligent in identifying and selecting a niche, and find a way to provide value to that preferred segment,” Robinson stated in the chapter titled ‘Selecting Your Niche’.
“Select a niche you know about and care about,” he said.

The chapters in the book are short and crisp, touching on elements the entrepreneur needs to pay attention to in the early days of operation.

In the early chapters, Robinson notes the importance of building strong customer relationships, moving later to discuss other technical issues such as pricing, financial statements, and building out the team of employees.
But even with short chapters, the information was clear-cut, to the point, and riveting, practical advice.

It gives relevant guidance and practical advice needed for success. The chapter that drives this home for me is the one on the mental demands of a business. He summarises: “Beyond business management, proactive mind management is the key to success. How you perceive the world and its challenges will determine how you respond to the day-to-day developments and opportunities.”
Robinson, a businessman in his own right with over 12 years of experience in the corporate world, and 13 as an entrepreneur, is cognisant of the fact that running a business demands mental toughness.
But beyond the mental demands are the necessary elements of good record keeping, the need for performance assessment, market focus, seeking mentorship, and getting the technical expertise, all of which are identified in the book.

He points out the pitfalls of partnering and selling to friends and family, a situation to be handled with caution and critical thinking.

The final chapter gives a good summary, documenting 11 steps to guiding a business into action.
For small businesses and first-time owners, where there is a fair amount of risk until the operator is able to climb up the learning curve successfully, this book is a worthwhile read.

Sabrina Gordon
The Gleaner Company Limited