Start-up Evaluation

Who you are…

You have lost your job, or you have been unemployed or underemployed for a long time. You have ideas but maybe not the confidence to act. After all, you may have the notion that business is for a special type of person and you have not been trained in this area.

Or, you simply want to get a piece of the pie! You recognize that people in business tend to spend more and have better control over their destiny. You want a shot at it but want to maximize your chance of success.

You want to start right, having heard that the failure rate for small businesses is >60% within the first two years. You want no part of that and wish to minimize stress and failure.

What your issues tend to be…

You may be excited about the prospects for business success and have a passion for what you do. Yet you see others doing the same thing and some even failing. You notice one thing though – many times similar businesses spring up and some fail and some succeed. At times, it is the new start-up that seems to do well.

So you wonder: What do they know that others don’t? How do they find out the areas of opportunities? How do I find my very own, lucrative niche? What resources do I need?

What you need most right now…

 What you need MOST right now is to get your strategy right!

This cannot be overstated. In today’s overcrowded marketplace that one aspect has to be figured out and before you get set up you need to understand what you will be doing and why. Clarity in your strategy improves your chances of success tremendously.

You need answers to questions like:

  •        Who are my ideal prospects?
  •        Where should I locate and why?
  •        What things should I do first?
  •        Where should my products be headed?
  •        Where do my competitors stand out and what are my chances against them?
  •        How do I price my products and services?
  •        Where should I advertise and promote…

You leave the process with answers, with clarity and with a better sense of purpose and relaxation.


Products and Programs that will help you

*The Start Up Evaluation Program requires an application to be completed. This is required in order to make sure that the program you have chosen to work with The Small Business Mentor is the best fit for where you currently are in your business (We will agree to the correct starting point). This is immediately available after signing up.