The Story of a Struggling Salesperson

The Story of a Struggling Sales Person

You turn up in the morning and you have a dread. You know you need to hit the road but there is fear. You may not accept it is a fear – you find some menial chores to do. You make a few calls to friends or to a few of the more pleasant customers. Your boss passes by and you try to avoid him, or you make some small talk. You summon up the will to visit a customer or prospect and you are relieved he is not available. You seek some easy in-house customer service follow up and then looked forward to lunch time…
You think that economy is bad or that customers are getting more difficult to sell to. You want a bigger basic salary because the commission is too slow or too small. You think that the other reps have a better customer base and that your boss or the company does not give sufficient leads. You complain that the company needs to train its sales people.

You complain that the products are too expensive and customers are cutting back. You think that customers and prospects are asking for other products and the company should branch out to sell these too. You try to get customers samples of your products for trials that make sure they are fully satisfied before they make any purchases. You depend on persons giving you leads, thinking that you need to have contacts before you approach prospects. You are out interviewing for jobs, telling them of all the problems your current management has made for you, why you cannot sell their products.
When you discuss salary you focus on the basic pay and “package” making sure that you are OK if you don’t manage to make sales. After getting the job you start developing health problems, family emergencies, and car problems, etc. You are doing sales but studying a totally unrelated course, hoping to get qualifications for an easier job.

You are the life of the party, everyone gets you involved and your bubbly personality gets you more friends, more activities, more partying – but no sales.

Do you know that?
- Sales People can be sick because of their job?
- Sales people try to lie in getting the job, and how you can detect it?
- Sales people can sell only if they are deemed to be effective sales personalities?
- A bubbly outgoing personality is NOT necessarily effective in sales?
- An inadequate sales person or sales force drains money from the business?

In fact in not only money, it drains energy, morale and health
If you can see yourself in any of these you can validate whether you are suitable for sales.
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