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George Foreman on Selling.

Lesson #2: “I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what you do, if you learn to sell, you will never starve.”

George Foreman, Former Heavy Weight  Boxing Champion


“If you learn to sell, it’s worth more than a degree,” says Foreman. “It’s worth more than the heavyweight championship of the world. It’s even more important than having a million dollars in the bank. Learn to sell and you’ll never starve.”


As a salesman, Foreman accepted no losses. “I love selling,” he once proclaimed, and it showed. He had gained that love and the confidence he needed to sell during his time spent preaching on the streets of Houston.


The world has been passing through a long period of economic woes. It has been called by many names and from time to time there have been pronouncements of the end but some believe this end is not in sight.

This global recession has hit countries, businesses and families very hard. One inevitable result is the usual response of cutbacks. This drives managers to seek various ways to cut costs and expenses and so selling on the internet, cutting sales force numbers, and other methods have been applied to try to maintain the bottom line.

However, these measures do not eliminate the need for serious sales people who can sell. In fact, it is in this period that firms need serious sales persons. It is now that companies have to be concerned, not about cutting their teams, but concerned that those they have can sell well. And they need more of these sales squirrels to ferret out orders.

You see, when someone comes to a web site, that person may have a passing interest in a product that can save him or her time and money but based on the limited ways and time to review a product online that good prospect may move on. But when a good sales rep talks to a prospect that client can be persuaded to make an investment in products and services that can make life more comfortable and save time and money.

In fact, some companies’ portfolio of products is so large that it cannot be easily displayed online conveniently or effectively. Sure, online presences is important, but consider the dilemma of a company that has its hopes on selling say, life insurance online only!

So, as I see it, sales reps are more important in this economy. What is not a good idea is to have mediocre sales people. The attendant costs of maintaining a poor sales team is too much and simply drives up expenses without commensurate profits.

What are needed are real effective sales people and here is where the revolutionary Advanced Hiring System can be your savior.

This process is great for companies. Firms can now assess their prospective sales people while aspiring sales people can get themselves assessed and help to justify their abilities and boost their chances of employment.

The prospects for a win-win have never been better!

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