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I had always thought of going into business and much of what I read before getting into business was related to the prospects of being in business one day. But business is not easy. Sure some people find a certain passion and energy and they succeed eventually. A few others make a connection with all the diverse circumstances and they succeed too. Many of us struggle and succeed at the expense of broken relations, ill-health, and multiple stages of bankruptcy and even humiliation. But most people fail – a sad fact – but the statistics are not very encouraging.

Does it have to be this way?

I had always toyed with the prospects of being in business but made no serious moves until my job was reengineered and I opted to move on. I entered the business world in partnership with others and that itself presented many challenges. In fact, I can say that my first business, initially involving four people, has benefited me mainly (much more than the others), and that is somewhat justified by the fact that I had worked and thought about the business with more sense of purpose than the others. This is not gloating – it is a simple fact which is relevant to the theme of my points.

The business survived only because I worked hard to make it succeed. No other reason. Then, as I became aware of the things I had to do and what others were not so inclined to put themselves through, I started to make notes and to investigate matters. These evolved into my first book, The Small Business Survival Guide – Insights into the First Two Years. If I had such a resource at the start I would have saved myself much heartache and the experience of falling into near depression. Yes, business can do that!

But we must press on. Sure there in much to make of the high failure rates, but these rates can be improved by being aware. It is a sobering fact that not all businesses will survive. In the same way that not all babies survive in any society but with awareness, the mortality rates (generally) are lower in industrial societies than in those less developed. In advanced societies they have developed the systems and processes that help to minimize early deaths. But some babies still die!

I have found that awareness is one of the main experiences I have taken from being in business. Or, some might say being aware has helped me to survive. And awareness does not mean that you do not make mistakes or that you will have the largest business. In the celebrated book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill makes many easy references to men of the ilk of J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and others. These men have their places in history marked by near superhuman business achievements. More relevant to our times are the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Bronson, etc. These people are rare, I accept.

No it is not that I have some diminished pride in myself. It is that life is too short to try to live it by being someone else or to try to be the best for the sake of being the best, without it fitting into some other aspects of our being. Thus, I am content to understand where my real passion lies and to organize my business to succeed, based on my metrics and to help others to understand the possible pitfalls. I love business and love to help others succeed.

For those of you who are no J.P. Morgan et al, The Small Business Survival and my business coaching, emanating from the hard “true life” experiences are available for you to access.

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