Go For Growth

Who you are…

You have taken the plunge and have done reasonably well. Perhaps you have latched on to a suitable niche, or your products and services are new to your market and competition is limited. Heck, maybe you are just good at doing things and can now count your blessings.

But you become bored easily or think that the business game is for you. So you want more action, more opportunities and successes.

What your issues tend to be…

You need fresh eyes and expertise. You need a kind of coach and also cheerleaders who can help you to see what is possible and cheer and encourage you towards success. You need a more formal approach to business and deeper looks at the different growth strategies available. Big questions are, what is the best framework for expansion and who are the stakeholders you will play a part?

What you need most right now…

What you need MOST right now is help!

You need to evaluate your situation and assess what is the best growth strategy that will fit your industry, resources, business stage, market and economic opportunities and so on.

This is a hand-holding phase and the reasonable fee is well worth it. It is not s time for unnecessarily risking what you have achieved.

Products and Programs that will help you

*The Go for Growth Program requires an application to be completed. This is necessary in order to make sure that the program you have chosen to work with The Small Business Mentor is the best fit for where you currently are in your business (We will agree to the correct starting point). This is immediately available after signing up.