Business Revamp

Who you are…

You have made the move – a business person at last!

Yet the promises have not been fulfilled. You are passionate, you are bright and you may even have business training and degrees. Yet things are just not working out. You are seen as a business person and you can hire and fire, but surely, there must be more to it than those things because there is no growth and not enough cash flowing in.

What your issues tend to be…

You have seen your savings and investments dwindle. Perhaps you are financing the business from some other monthly income and you may have racked up debt or cannot service your loans. In some cases you are avoiding calls from creditors and bankers. The dream seems to have died. You may have passed a few bad checks because you have started to live on the edge. You are contemplating staff cuts and closing the doors.

Your business may be getting sales but you may not know if you are turning a profit because you never seem to have any cash. You have stayed the course, not because you are sure and confident but because you have some pride and do not want to give in to naysayers. Deep down however, you are frustrated, tired and burned out.

What you need most right now…

What you need MOST right now is help! Not more funds and not more time but more understanding.

This cannot be overstated. You need to know whether your business is right for you and your circumstances and if you should relook your approach or most of what you have been doing.

But what is the framework for all these questions and possible answers? You need an evaluation and a revamp.

This may be the answer to maintain your sanity.

Products and Programs that will help you

*The Business Revamp Program requires an application to be completed. This is necessary in order to make sure that the program you have chosen to work with The Small Business Mentor is the best fit for where you currently are in your business (We will agree to the correct starting point). This is immediately available after signing up.