Business Development Strategy


I am Alrick Robinson, your business coach at Small Business Mentor.

I want to tell you something that many small business people will find very revealing. What’s more, what I am about to tell you will dramatically change your prospects for business success and your life.

Here it is: There is something you are not doing right now, that will affect how your business will fare, its chances of success and ultimately, your stress levels and happiness.

This thing, which is so often taken for granted, is the number one thing that you should do before starting out or changing direction. Don’t you first take on the nice sounding “marketing plan” or ads, flyers, TV/Radio spots and a variety of marketing tactics that sound great but in reality achieve little more than suck your flimsy bank account dry.

This thing is what decides when and on what you should be doing all the spending. This crucial step requires some thought, expertise and action, but it is absolutely crucial that you get this right.

This is the basis of success for Wal-Mart, IBM, Ford, Microsoft and all these companies that eventually made it BIG. You can choose to struggle and have some minimal success.  So please, do not avoid investing a little of your time and money. Do it now and save a LOT in these areas later.

You can stop the usual madness by investing correctly now!

When you think about it, this first step determines the foundation for your success in your business and your life.

What is it?

Read on because there is no reliable short-cut to this process.

Let me repeat: There is something you are avoiding now and this avoidance will cause you to waste time and money. Large corporations spend huge amounts of money on this and they make sure they get it right. Smaller firms do less of it and they stay small or die.

This step will determine what opportunities you attract to your business, what people you need, how fast you achieve success and how fast and how far you grow.

There are many random events in life and business and the fortunes change at times in ways you cannot envisage. For example, who could have planned for 9/11? Yet, this step in business could have helped in recovering from 9/11.

This step helps to get clarity from uncertainty and turn failures and set-backs into opportunities and success.

The step I am talking about gives you the edge to make you create more from your business than you can imagine.

I will teach you how to access this power within your business.

Let me tell you a secret: many people, through ignorance, laziness or indifference do not bother with this process. And, many people are aware of this need, at least by the fact that they repeat nice sounding phrases. Heck, many people talk about it, more as a fad than a thing to come to terms with. They suffer the consequences, jumping all over the place and wasting their time, money and energy and then blame others and the economy.

Protect yourself!

Close the loop-holes in this fundamental area.  Address what you can control because what you cannot control is challenging enough.

Here it is.

Get your strategy right!

In fact if you do this step the way I will show you it will change your prospects in ways you would not have imagined.

Look, business is tough. As you jump around from feel-good hype, seminars, workshops, social media lessons, the “all important” marketing plan and diminishing bank account you will need to address this stage of your business to start properly, correct stuttering starts or to make that big growth move.

I am going to explain the benefits, how you can get the information, including the cost, which is ridiculously low when you consider the great foundation this step provides. This is low because I have found a way to make it easily accessible and once you understand what you need to do you can do it on your own

Through this preview I will give you some information that will be extremely valuable for you even if, for some crazy reason, you decide not to participate in the actual program.

I make one assumption in putting together this training. I assume you are seeking a way to make your chance of success better. I also assume you really want to understand what setting a foundation for your business is about. In addition I assume that you want to know how you can consciously and intentionally create a successful business.

Look, I know that at times success can seem accidental.

Well, if a few successful people get there accidentally, then bully for them. However, accidental success is rare. Success requires purpose and effort, and this process I will teach you is the most purposeful approach to business success. It lays the foundation.

You are embarking or you have embarked on one of the most challenging things in life. Small business failure rates are high – up to over 90% in the first five years. But do you know that research found that over 60% of these people were not seeking business advice when they failed. And, in addition, more women than men were seeking advice by a margin of about 3 to 2.

They did say women ask for directions easier!

I want to express something. Many businesses that failed need not. If you are like many people, you have tried other approaches to getting business success. You have hooked up with the big names, you have followed the “right” people, you have attended the seminars and workshops and you have done the networking circuits, you have read the books, perhaps with some success, or maybe with none at all.

Well, all these have not connected with anything that is making you get in step with what you have, what you are about, and what exists. This is extremely important and I’ll tell you why.

This was the way it was for me before I discovered what I am going to share with you. I will go into the nitty-gritty of exactly what you should do to make your move and get that important break. How you can know what business you should be in and be successful, happy and be at peace.

If there is one thing that eludes most business people it is being at peace.

We are going to look at the rudiments – piece by piece – at what affects your business and how you should go about generating income from the realities. We will see insights into how those who have created the business they want have done it and how you can do it too. What’s more I am going to share some of it right now. You will discover that if you can take this step effectively in your business you can be a great success.

When I started in business in 1996 I was green. I went in with partners, without agreements, with only about US$1500, but with a lot of energy. I was excited, but I had to work too hard.  I soon got burned out but I did not fail; I went on the road to discovering why businesses fail. I got to understand the importance of doing first things first, to get insights into what are those things and to understand what makes your products get sold!

It cost me too much of my peace of mind to do this.

Let me tell you, experience is a costly teacher. For one, it takes too long and life just cannot wait around for you to become experienced in all the necessary areas. But what if others can experience for you and teach you? What if they can take out all the good stuff and just package it for you to go out and succeed? What if it reduces your experimental time and reduces your cost in money and heartache?

Sounds good, huh?

Well I went from one tactic to the next. I heard this opinion and that. I read books and I did seminars. I took business advice from people who had no insights or experience in managing their own businesses. I followed slick guys who were skilled at selling internet training stuff.

But the one thing I never did was to get my strategy evaluated, sorted out and understood. This step, this one step, was necessary and I was not aware of it and the positive impact it would have made on my success.

I went from stressed, anxious, unhappy, fearful and depressed. It was this depression that taught me and as I said, experience is a very laborious and expensive teacher!

In our session I will explain the coaching program I have put together and what helped me to change and be more clear, effective, relaxed and happy.

This is the process the masters used to grow their business and this is what the likes of Mc.Donalds, Wendy’s, Home Depot, etc used and became wildly successful as you have seen.

In fact, if you follow the steps the way I outline them and do them with diligence, they will change your fortunes in ways you can only imagine right now.

I am going to explain how you can participate, what the benefits are and all the other particulars, including the costs, which you will see are ridiculously inexpensive due to the fact that I am able to organize it in a way that reduces the time needed for my personal input, by giving you this preview, simplifying the steps and summarizing what you need to undertake.

In addition, I understand the anxieties of making sure you get on the right track. Hence I have given a discount for three (3) months so that people can take up the offer. Three (3) months, and that is starting from June 2012.

This is a sentimental gesture, only given in recognition of the pain I went through in the first months without any help and how this information would have been valuable.

In telling you about this program, I am assuming you are searching for ways to make your business and your life better. I am also assuming that you really want to understand what is going on and how you can achieve success and relaxation by running your own business. I also assume you want to be happy, peaceful and have the time to enjoy these things with friends and loved ones.

What I will share with you is not in most textbooks

However, large successful firms design departments and employ highly paid managers to tend to this area of their businesses. Many people use it in high-profiled and sometimes meaningless phrases to try to seem informed. Its true benefits are only realized via some relatively simple steps. But they must be done!

People need to understand what’s happening as they evaluate their prospects for success and position their businesses on a foundation for development and growth. Where should the business be located, who should they employ, who are their ideal prospects, what should their training entail, etc?

In the process of evaluating mine and others’ successes I realize how people are blown away by the idea and the results. But I also realize that people need a certain amount of information; they need to understand what’s happening as they apply the short, simple principles I will teach you.

One of my eventual responses to the challenges I faced was to write The Small Business Survival Guide – Insights into the First Two Years (website link here…buy the book). It was driven by the observation of the nonsense I observed as I saw businesses around me crumbling in failure, helping to add more credibility to the dire statistics of over 60% business failures in the first two years.

I noticed it was about the little things

You know, it is almost always the little things. Like how people would take more interest in watching Oprah, Dancing with the Stars, the Grammy’s or the Oscars, and not take the same time and effort to make one little adjustment to invest in their success.

So, I moved on from the book and considered how I can take this little bit of information, albeit so fundamental to business success, to the people who need it most. Not another book, not a CD or DVD, not a seminar, but a simple program to walk you through the steps required to put your business on the path to success.

Most people do not want more “free bonuses”, more binders, more CD’s, more lectures. Yet, as I look at my experiences and the important and successful business people whom I interviewed and studied, I noticed that following these little steps created such accelerated change and success that all the people have to do is to learn, follow, and get out of their own way. Business people are blown away by the results. They more often experienced the aha moments that, as they saw their successes, they felt more accomplished.

I quickly realized though that to get the most of this business improvement opportunity people need a certain amount of training and guidance. Not onerous “memory” stuff; not a set of CD’s and forms but one-on-one coaching, which guides. It is like a win-win where you eat your cake and have it too, as the cliché goes.

So, I work with you on a weekly call, we discuss your business idea, your situation and business stage. You are directed to your options to proceed and leave with clarity, being more focused, energized and relaxed about what you intend to do.

This revolutionary six-week? (link back to Home Page?) coaching program is just what the doctor ordered. This will save your life – at least the life of your business.

I tell you, this is mind-blowing!


Why am I a good person to be your guide?

Each person has certain dispositions. Some don’t like working this way or that; Some prefer to work with certain people; some prefer to work alone or to delegate; some tend to procrastinate and may not like reading, composing a letter, or doing homework. All these factors affect the chances of success and you may find yourself laying blame either on yourself or the wrong person, the government or the economy…

Your internal map of reality, as Bill Harris calls your inner state, tells you what is possible, what you will likely do and what you will refuse to do, in spite of the benefits of doing the thing or things.

But if you look at some of the things that are necessary for success you have to rethink your outlook.

Some things and some traits are just downright necessary

Let me explain something. You would have heard of a small country called Singapore. This tiniest of a dot of a country was developed in its modern formative years, by man named Lee Kuan Yew. I will share some information, below, about Mr Lee. This is borrowed straight from the G2K web site, without any editing:

Lee Kuan Yew is the founder of modern Singapore and the so-called minister mentor of a government led by his eldest son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. The elder Mr. Lee led Singapore for 31 years and is credited with turning a resource-poor, malarial island into a modern financial center with one of the world’s highest per capita incomes.

A British-educated lawyer, he became prime minister in 1959 when the city-state gained its independence from Britain as part of the Federation of Malaysia. At that time, according to Mr. Lee, the country had “less than $100 million in the kitty.” Expelled from the Malaysia in 1965, partly over disagreement over the federation’s pro-Malay policy (three quarters of Singapore’s population is of Chinese descent), the country under Mr. Lee’s leadership built up its wealth to a considerably larger sum. As of 2009, Singapore was assessed to have sovereign wealth funds of between $200 billion to $300 billion – a substantial indicator of the country’s progress. – New York Times


Now, why is this important or relevant?

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, decided that leadership, including leadership insight and abilities, were necessary for steering people and resources in the most effective way. He thought that an effective management person was one who could take a hovering approach, like a helicopter, rising above the issues, see them for what they are worth and assessing the options and decisions for the good of moving toward success.

Thus three critical areas of management were indispensible:

A power of analysis – being able to make sense of the situation.

Imagination – what aspiration is a stretch to accomplish, but is really possible (like moving from 100 million in reserves to between 200 and 300 billion dollars within decades)

A sense of reality – how to make sure that these qualities are balanced and not just the wild images of a dreamer.

These points have been the source of my success.

From the Stregnthfinder® assessment, you will see my profile below and it was later I realized what accounted for my success, coming from a meager beginning. These are the reasons you can depend on me for coaching. I am fortunate to have the attributes of someone who can cut through the fluff.

Alrick’s Strengths (Top Five Themes)

  • Input – a craving for knowledge – can become an authority in chosen field
  • Intellection – introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions. Can be effective at the start of projects
  • Analytical – search for reasons and causes – good in marketing, finance or risk management
  • Deliberative – Anticipate obstacles; serious care in making decisions and choices
  • Strategic – create alternative ways to proceed, can spot relevant patterns and issues in scenarios.


Not many of us have it. Not many can find the will, the time or the ways to do research, add a new dimension and assess the situation from a position of knowledge, etc. Not many of us business owners can run a business on our own, successfully!

Do not blame yourself and do not try to be another person.  Seeking coaching is a good way to meander through these uncertainties.

But to succeed you have to make changes. You have to give up the old way of seeing things, the old way of evaluating situations. You see, you want to succeed but deep down you hold yourself back. You test the waters a little bit by doing some things that are safe and do not necessarily lead you anywhere. Hence, you read a popular book, you watch popular TV and their personalities, you bind with your colleagues at seminars and workshops and you leave with a high and a lot of good warm feelings.

But you do not deliver

Why you do not deliver is partly because you do not know what to do. I mean doing something that will take you closer to your goals. The other reason is because the people themselves who woo you to their events do not know either. So, when the sizzle dies, there goes your energy and drive and you seek another event, another famous person to follow and the cycle goes on and on…

But you will be fascinated about learning the simple process of putting your business on track!


Details about the Program

Having a business or thinking about one and doing that proverbial marketing plan is not sufficient. It does not mean you will necessarily fail, but more often than not it is just fluff.

Consider how many people offer programs for doing your marketing plan? When you learn about my revolutionary process your eyes will open wide in amazement at the thought of having someone charging you good money to put together little more than a budget!

It’s just not a practicable approach for guaranteed success

What you need to do is to get a sense of how your business ideas will be affected by what is going on several fronts:

-           internal to you and /or your firm and,

-           the various external issues that will invariably affect you. But there is a way to have this done neatly, quickly and purposefully and to extract an outcome that will let you know how to approach your business.

Have you ever started a business and run quickly to social media?


Have you seen it work for you?

Chances are no, because you had not gone through this process.

I will show you that you do not need to know exactly how your business will work or even what you will need to do before you get started. Also, I will show you why this approach reduces fear, worry and indecision.


And here is the real good point.

It’s Risk Free!!


Our 30 day guarantee

If you have your consultations, do your assignment and get my direct assistance in positioning your business for strategic success and you feel you did not get value for your efforts, we will refund your fee 100%. You simply email us your notes and business planning working papers to show you actually made a reasonable effort and we will send you a refund, no questions asked!

The guarantee only applies to people who actually participate

If you do not think this assistance is everything I said, just send us a copy of your working papers to show you implemented the ideas we discussed and agreed and I will refund you investments.

I am not guaranteeing your interest level or anything about you.

Just that you will get the results if you do the work

Before you decide, make a commitment to yourself and decide you will participate in this extremely important exercise.

This is your life, it is about your business, invest fully in yourself!

This is not something in which you go to a networking event, find it interesting, exciting and motivating, with that warm friendly seminar feeling for a while and then you fall into a lump of inactivity as you realize you are still in the same position.

You must approach it in such a way that the benefits will fundamentally improve the chances of your business success. I have simplified it so well, that you will now think it is a no-brainer!


I am your tour guide. I have been there and I will tell you what you have to do to do it.

Let me summarize what you will get:

You will experience a deep clarity on what your business ought to be like.

You probably want to know what this cost. I have gone out of the way to make this as affordable as possible because I know the experience. I even made it on a special for three months because I want to encourage action. Remember, all these wonderful ideas are useless without action!

You get to do this in the comfort of your home or office and at your full convenience.

This could cost up to $5000 and more if you had live face to face sessions.


Let me share a short story.

A friend of mine started a small business. He was a professional working in a big firm and he thought that starting a business was a simple little thing. He was stubborn and in fact a little religious.

He went on a 10-day fast and prayed frequently for the business’ success

The business did not do well and after draining him financially, emotionally and physically he closed it.

It was tragic!

I tried to assist but it appears that ego and friendship do not mix well. My attempts at assistance were resented and ignored.

It appeared God did not help, but it is more correct to say he did not accept the help that God sent.

So, when I recall that experience I decided to set my special price this way…remember that the real value of this information can be as much as $5,000!

Consider breakfast at between $5 and $15, let’s say $10
Consider lunch at between $10 and $25, let’s say $15
Consider dinner at between $10 and $25, let’s say $15
Total $40

For ten days the cost is $400.

I offer a further $3 off, so the cost becomes

US$397 (a US$5,000 Value)

This is the investment to access my 6 weeks coaching and avoid possible heartache.

It can’t be simpler than that and there is a 30-DAY guarantee.

This is a great price and there is a guarantee, so there is no risk to you. As I said, I will refund your full coaching fee as long as you can show you did the work and were not satisfied with what was promised. It could not be any easier than that…a small price for your success and happiness. If we do the work together and you follow through, it will work.

See you when you are ready. Remember making quick sound decisions is part of your journey towards business success.

Please participate with me and get on track with your business. There is nothing to lose except the time that is not recoverable.

I tell you one thing; I wish someone had introduced me to this type of help when I started out. It would have saved me time, money, and many worries. But you are lucky. This program will save you from the wrong turns and other mistakes I made.

Whatever position you’re in the principle is the same. You get to where you want to go from starting where you are now. So, your position along with your assessment will determine your deliverables.

But enough from me. I will sign off now so you can sign up for your coaching. Again, the link is right here.

US$397 (a US$5,000 Value)

If you have any trouble, just email me any time of the day.


I wish you all the success you want.