As a Strategic Coach, I can Help You Find Clarity

One of my best days in high school was one when my ego was truly pumped up! Our math teacher gave us an assignment on circle theorems and at the time I was in love with the topic. The assignment was due in one day and I recalled taking some quiet time the afternoon/evening and figuring out all seven problems. Instinctively, I knew that most persons would have struggled with a particular one and the next morning, as was his custom, the teacher allowed the class to complete the work as he gave assistance to anyone needing it.

I noted that two girls went to him and overheard one saying to him, “but sir, Alrick did it”. I then realized that the teacher was struggling with the problem too! This was because the solution required an indirect approach in proving something then moving on to the main issue of the question, using the first outcome.

The teacher called me and as I started to explain about the first proof, it suddenly fell into place with him and he picked it up and then proceeded to send me to my seat, something I resented, lightly, because I was feeling on top of the class. But the truth is that the teacher had suddenly found CLARITY. With this clarity, he was able to move on to the meat of the matter.

Such it is with my thinking and approach as a strategic business coach. Many times people just want to have clarity in what they are seeking to do and, with that clarity, comes the ability to finish. Since there is positive intention for your business, it has to be seen as possible so the ability to make sense of the feedback is what strategy is all about. The ability to understand the response from the business and market realities is key to help to guide people towards their goals.

This process is not about ability per se. Many times the persons who are too close, too emotionally tied up with the situation are not the persons who, by themselves, can figure out how to proceed. This fact is of great importance because many people do not like to ask for help and some recognize technical help (accountants, lawyers, techies, etc) as the people on whom they are forced to rely. But the need for a business coach? No way!

Personally, I have discovered the tremendous impact of being held accountable by someone who can help to ask the right business and personal questions to make sure that goals and behaviors are in sync. I repeat, it is not abilities per se. Just as a sports require high performance from athletes and no athlete at any level will be without a coach, so it has been evolving with business; and business coaches themselves have coaches. So, it is not about simply who has the technical abilities, the vision, aspiration or plan. It is about helping to get the other person to get clarity and that is what I am about. Truly, it is perhaps the most cost-effective way to gain mastermind benefit, tap into a wealth of information and experience and fast success.

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