Alrick Robinson – Short Profile

Alrick Robinson is a consultant and business coach. He is an author and the founder of successful businesses that span the chemical and lubricants, alkaline water and self-development industries. Robinson began his career in sales and marketing with a multi-national oil corporation and later began his own businesses for which he is well known.

Armed with a wealth of new venture experience and a natural instinct and passion to identify and resolve early business challenges, Robinson now provides entrepreneurs with a no-nonsense, practical approach that highlights the true essence of avoiding small business pitfalls.

Robinson is arguably among the leading strategic thinkers in small business issues. He is a radio host and is the author of “The Small Business Survival Guide – Insight into the first two years”. His book has been on the best sellers list and has reached readers around the world.

Robinson has spoken at seminars and workshops, advised and coached small business operators and is dedicated to help people achieve self-mastery and business prowess that are aligned with their goals and operation realities.

He is an avid mountain biker who also finds time to mentor young people.