Alrick Robinson has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, a Master’s degree in management and Diplomas in marketing and business administration. He has considerable experience in sales, marketing, and management, including over twelve years in corporate employment and over thirteen years as an entrepreneur.

He is the Managing Director of Integrated Chemical Services Limited, a distributor of specialized chemicals and lubricants; co-founder of Health Creations Industries Limited, a manufacturer of alkaline drinking water; and the founder of You Unlimited, a company focusing on the self-mastery and self-improvement.

Alrick has participated in countless seminars, workshops and presentations on business and self-development, being intensely concerned with the challenges faced by businesses and their operators. The immense number of insights led to him documenting his experiences, observations, research and conclusions that have led to an unusual book, The Small Business Survival Guide – Insights into the First Two Years.

The book has fascinated authors, business people, bankers, business coaches, professors, journalists, talk show hosts and simple readers. Written in comfortable-to-read style, the book addresses directly and indirectly, the answer to the unasked question or paradox:


Of course, the book is a pragmatic discussion of the many reasons why oftentimes highly trained and qualified people fail at their own business and how to avoid it.

It recognizes that there are so many things on which to pay attention; many falling outside the areas of strengths and comfort zone.

So, moving beyond the accolades, what will you get by buying the book and interacting with the site and other resources?

It is sharing in the big discovery.

I have discovered something. The small business operator needs help. My last 14 years have equipped m better than any book qualification could, so I can help.

If over 96% of businesses fail after 10 years and of the failures, only 70% were seeking business training then that means a lot needs to be done. Part of the problem is that there is hardly a big crowd reporting that they have had this or that training and it has turned around their businesses.

But what is good business training, and who can deliver it effectively?

A true trainer starts with insights.

It seems there is:

- better and more technology

- faster communication

- more books

- more seminars and workshop

But still, business success rates are not inspiring.

Facilitators are having longer résumés, wider travels, more qualifications and “experience”, more networking – but not impacting business success rates.

So, what is the justification for all that “more”?

One problem I identify is information overload. Many books can be motivating. One can even become a big fan of books and people without recognizing they are making no positive impact on one’s bottom line. I have found the key to motivating people towards introspection and constructive reading.

The Small Business Survival Guide – Insights into the First Two years, provides insights into over 40 areas impacting small business success but here is an important point: each area can be the subject of a book!

But different businesses have different challenges and require different insights.

So, do you give more and more?

No. You give less!

Point people in the right direction with insights so that they can solve their problems objectively; then they can tackle their technical problems with awareness. With awareness comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the right choices.

Most training is a waste of time. In seeking to provide value many sell overwhelm. So, training is not targeted at needs; it is targeted at delivery…my package…my module….

So I am bypassing the personal hype and simply share with you hard core, down-to-earth, practical insights into small business success.

Get the book, The Small Business Survival Guide, for great insights.