7 Things that Lead to a Successful Business

Ok, so we all need a successful business and we all try to get that bit of magic that puts us ahead. But, are there things that you can point out that will pin down success definitively? Many people claim to have the answers and some even claim uniqueness in their abilities. For example, they will assume that all you need is a well-organized “sales funnel” and all will be well. Yet, some businesses successful at sales do not have good receivables management. Or, some overreach to sell and overstretch the firm’s resources leading to debilitating cash flow situations.

Well, you might figure by now that it is all about balance…actually, common sense and balance. There are some things that do help. But one of the greatest attribute is to be able to read situations and respond, because the market, the competition, and the location and so on, all play their parts. Here are a few things to consider, with commonsense. [Read more...]