Maintaining Market Focus

The small-business operator can start out as or evolve to be a hustler, mainly because he is usually more informal in his decision-making and can do things more quickly. The expectation of being nimble or flexible can divert attention from his main focus and create confusion in the minds of everyone, including the customer.

As said so often, the business owner needs a niche. In today’s competitive world, everyone needs to understand what business they are in. [Read more...]

Alrick’s ‘The Small Business Survival Guide’ is now Amazon Bestseller


The new Amazon bestseller ‘The small business survival guide’ teach small business owners how to survive the first two challenging years in business world.

Alrick Robinson’s book is an asset to small-business entrepreneurs who are seeking to get started or who have been in business for a while.

‘The Small Business Survival Guide’ is the outcome of Robinson’s years of research, insight, and experience on the subject of self-made millionaires and less successful businesspeople.

Alrick says, “This book intends to help the small operator, as much as possible, to stay on a successful path. Importantly, it can help people decide whether business is for them. ‘The Small Business Survival Guide’ can inspire the wisdom to tap into your creativity.” “It is about the development of an attitude necessary for success. It is for the person who wants to make the effort to be successful. Success takes more than money, more than qualifications, more than experience” notes the author.

Throughout the book, Alrick has shed light upon many important tactics and strategies for wealth creation and general success, organized in an easy-to-read format. The book uses a practical approach to teach the small business owners the art and science of how to survive the crucial and challenging first two years in business.

Howard Hamilton, Retired General Manager – Shell Jamaica says, “The recent publication by Alrick Robinson, ‘The Small Business Survival Guide’, is very timely. This is not a manual but the experiences of a hands-on entrepreneur. Robinson describes in an easy to read fashion the blue print for survival in the world of business. It is a must read for all those who are thinking of making that change to be the “masters of your own destiny”. It will prove useful not only to the new entrant but those who are already trying to survive the reality of being self employed.”

Alrick’s book makes a good business gift or a gift for someone who is starting a new business. ‘The Small Business Survival Guide’ is currently available for sale at trusted online book stores like

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About Alrick Robinson:
Alrick Robinson is the Managing Director of Integrated Chemical Services Limited

He is also the Co-founder of Health Creations Industries Limited, a manufacturer of alkaline drinking water; and the founder of You Unlimited, a company focusing on the self-mastery and self-improvement.

Alrick Robinson has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, a Master’s degree in management and Diplomas in marketing and business administration. He has considerable experience in sales, marketing, and management, including over twelve years in corporate employment and over thirteen years as an entrepreneur.

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Alternatives to Selling for Cash

This can be a big challenge: There are times when your products simply do not move or movement is inadequate, and cash is king.

The small business seldom has the flexibility of the big, established business. There is usually less credit available, and expenses like wages and salaries have to be addressed in a timely manner. Apart from commissions, wages and salaries are coming around in spite of whether or not you sell your products. If you need cash, you have to get creative at times.

What should the small operator do? [Read more...]

Insights into the Business Planning Process

The small-business owner can have a nagging feeling… What happens if I am not available?

Some see this as a good thing because it means he or she is indispensable. Others would identify it as a threat and be concerned about continuity.

If the entrepreneur intends to sell the business, he will want to communicate some sense of continuity and have systems in place for handing it over.

But even if the entrepreneur has no plans to sell, there should be a sense of order. He should aim to have the business run smoothly without him. After all, why leave the formal job to slave for the business? [Read more...]

Drivers for Entrepreneurship – What Resource Can Help

Many thoughts and ideas have been put forward regarding what are the reasons people get into their own small businesses – what are key drivers? Similarly, many have deliberated a number of factors that influence business development and success. I list a few below.

- Population (implied minimum basic needs)
- Education
- Product / service needs (including innovation)
- Purchasing power
- Micro vs Small Businesses – micro business usually less structured
- Diaspora size (they can form the nucleus for a suitable market size)
- Desperation – no choice
- Culture / attitude

In examining the challenge to move from opportunity to reality, Nawaz examines this from the perspectives of a study involving rural women in Bangladesh. In the study, titled: Critical Factors of Women Entrepreneurship Development in Rural Bangladesh, May 2009, Nawaz. examined the quest to improve women entrepreneurship through training and development. [Read more...]