You are getting ready to start your business and want to evaluate your chances of success. You will want to go through this strategic evaluation process to minimize uncertainty, distress and the risk of failure. 

Your existing business is struggling and you want to evaluate your chances of making it and reduce your stress and anxiety. 

Your existing business is doing reasonably well and you want to explore a strategic platform for significant growth. 

“It was truly a pleasure talking with you earlier today. I had to find a way to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book; hence the great effort to contact you.
I felt I was in a class room and the class was so good I did not want it to end because that class was going to make me an “A” student.
I have been in business for the past nine years . I have read numerous business books along the journey since I am not a professionally trained entrepreneur.
I must tell you….This one is exceptionally good.
Thanks for the renewed hope, enthusiasm to continue and for the many lessons you’ve taught me through this book.
I hope one day to meet with you.”
Donnette Anglin
Alrick has helped improve our costing and price structure
“How has Alrick helped me? He has improved our costing and price structure and given us the opportunity to increase revenue and improve the overall position of our company. Nothing hurts a business more than having the incorrect pricing structure in place.”
Clair-Angelli Cardoza
M M & MC Limited
Alrick provides valuable information and resources in his book: The Small Business Survival Guide
“I have enjoyed reading your book and will add it as one of the required readings for the coaching program. It is well written and very practical and every small business owner should have a copy.
I will also highly recommend to my Caribbean coaching colleagues for use by their clients.
Thank you for attending my seminar and for this wonderful gift.”Best regards
Marcia Woon Choy
Your ActionCOACH Business Coach